Timeless shapes, elaborate functions.
Handmade furniture that stays for a lifetime

When Stefan Fink finished first pieces of furniture, they were all for himself, carpentered manually to his own high standards. No matter how long it took him, his attention was on the careful choice and the treatment of the woods as well as on aspects of sustainability, and functionality. We can sense the spirit of Bauhaus and Zen philosophy in Fink's work. His masterly craft ignores fast, fugacious design trends in favour of reduced, timeless shapes.
When contemplating a piece of Fink furniture, the emotional properties prevail. The feel of the wood surface, refined joints and details, an omnipresent dialogue between furniture and human.
Fink still enjoys making furniture like in the first days, yet the emphasis of his work is on writing utensils today. Therefore, those who would like to commission a piece of furniture from Fink will have to be prepared for a long, long waiting time. This time is needed for the woods to dry and also for visions to mature. Occasionally, this process, the cooperation between purchaser and carpenter, can lead to a friendship which may be sealed time and again. For instance over a Fink dining table.
Hochzeitstisch aus schweizer Birnbaum
Seitenansicht Hochzeitstisch
Schublade mit Warmhalteplatte aus Edelstahl mit herausnehmbarem Stövchen
Drehbarer Beistelltisch aus Bergahorn und Wenge
Stehpult aus Bergahorn und Grenadill
Stehpult aus Bergahorn und Grenadill
Stummer Diener, Petronella mit Schublade im Sockel aus Kirschbaum
Stummer Diener, Oskar aus Kirschbaum und Kupfer
Rollbarer Teetisch, Flying Tea
Variabler Couchzimmertisch aus Bubinga
Stummer Diener, Petronella & Oskar
Stummer Diener, Petronella aus Kirschbaum und Kupfer

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