Fountain Pens

Stefan Fink's fountain pens bear bird names, given that "Fink" is german for "finch". They are called Albatros (albatross), Nachtigall (nightingale), Star (starling), and Milan (red kite). Whether they appear curved, classically elegant, or strict and straight-lined, all of Stefan Fink's fountain pens share a perfectly balanced shaping. Reduced to the essence. Each piece is at the same time a writing utensil, a design object, and a gem. Their silky, hand caressing surfaces are crafted from the finest woods. Their golden nibs are especially manufactured for Fink. On the inside, a sophisticated ink flow system allows for an easy alteration between ink glass refill and ink cartridges. By the way, all of these birds can actually fly – they will not leak in the pressure variations during air travel

This pen is as impressive as its namesake. With a smooth and distinct shape it inspires libertines and masterminds. Picking up this pen one has something to tell. Albatros is the best selling pen by Stefan Fink
Füllfederhalter Albatross Amaranth
Füllfederhalter Albatross Bubinga
Füllfederhalter Albatross Buchsbaum
Füllfederhalter Albatross Eibe
Füllfederhalter Albatross Fernambuk
Füllfederhalter Albatross Goldregen
Füllfederhalter Albatross Grenadill
Füllfederhalter Albatross Königsholz
Füllfederhalter Albatross Mooreiche
Füllfederhalter Albatross Perückenstrauch
Füllfederhalter Albatross Pink Ivory
Füllfederhalter Albatross Rosenholz
Füllfederhalter Albatross Wilde Olive
The "Nightingale" model builds on a traditional shape. The result is a modern classic, an elegant and timeless fountain pen. The shaft adapts to every hand and can easily be led with precision. Who chooses this pen has found one's style.
Füllfederhalter Nachtigall Amaranth
Füllfederhalter Nachtigall Grenadill
Füllfederhalter Nachtigall Königsholz
Füllfederhalter Nachtigall Rosenholz
The "Starling" model embodies calm concentration in its well-proportioned, straight shape. A reduced design, the cap seamlessly connected to the shaft, emphasizes the shades of the wood grain. "Star" is the most discreet among all of Stefan Fink's fountain pens
Füllfederhalter Star Amaranth
Füllfederhalter Star Bubinga
Füllfederhalter Star Fernambuk
Füllfederhalter Star Französische Olive
Füllfederhalter Star Grenadill mit Splint
Füllfederhalter Star Königsholz
Füllfederhalter Star Mooreiche
Füllfederhalter Star Pink Ivory
Füllfederhalter Star Rosenholz
This "Red Kite" model hints at both a traditional shape and a contemporary design of a fountain pen. Its appearance is sober and graceful, while the rather slender corpus gives a sophisticated subtlety. It fires the imagination of intellectuals and artists
Füllfederhalter Milan Grenadill
Füllfederhalter Kiebitz Grenadill
Füllfederhalter Kiebitz Ziricote
Füllfederhalter Spatz Grenadill
Füllfederhalter Spatz Ziricote

Stefan Fink's writing utensils are unique pieces and the presented showcase is exemplary. If you want to learn more about the availability of the presented models or if you are interested in one of the pieces to be made of another wood from Fink's stock, please get in touch for advice. On the phone, +49 40 247151, via E-Mail or in person in Stefan Fink's workshop.

Please note that Stefan Fink's writing utensils are one of a kind, differing in wood colours and figures. Prices vary for each model, from 400€ for a draft pen. Each writing utensil comes with a fulled leather case and a Stefan Fink ink flask.

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