They say that entire PhD theses have been written with a Fink Rollerball. However, also occasional users will appreciate its plain and pleasant handling and the steady writing flow. The woods and their characteristic colours and figures are beautifully embodied in the sober shapes of the models "Star" (starling) and "Storch" (stork). The premium capless refill system rolls the ink effortlessly onto paper, drying off quickly to allow for highest precision. You can choose from the line widths F(ine), M(edium) and B(old). All rollerballs come with a durable stainless steel twist mechanism and with an optional dent for ideal grip and roll-stop.
The "Star" ("Starling") model fascinates in its straight-lined design. The perfectly constant ink flow dries off quickly from the high quality capless refill system. This rollerball elates and smoothes the hand writing, and it offers the typical comfortable handling of a Fink piece. For refills in the sizes F(ine), M(edium) and B(old)
Rollerball Star lang Bubinga
Rollerball Star lang Buchsbaum
Rollerball Star lang Eibe
Rollerball Star lang Französische Olive
Rollerball Star lang Goldregen
Rollerball Star lang Grenadill
Rollerball Star lang Grenadill mit Splint
Rollerball Star lang Königsholz
Rollerball Star lang Mooreiche
Rollerball Star lang Perückenstrauch
Rollerball Star lang Rosenholz
Rollerball Star lang Wilde Olive
A perfect example of Stefan Fink's credo "Less is More": The rollerball model "Star" ("Starling") comes with a shorter and therefore lighter corpus in this pocket version. The high quality capless refill system (size M) offers a precise ink application for an excellent writing flow
Rollerball Star kurz Amaranth
Rollerball Star kurz Bubinga
Rollerball Star kurz Buchsbaum
Rollerball Star kurz Eibe
Rollerball Star kurz Französische Olive
Rollerball Star kurz Goldregen
Rollerball Star kurz Grenadill
Rollerball Star kurz Grenadill mit Splint
Rollerball Star kurz Königsholz
Rollerball Star kurz Königsholz mit Mulde
Rollerball Star kurz Mooreiche
Rollerball Star kurz Perückenstrauch
Rollerball Star kurz Wilde Olive
This rather round bodied model "Storch" (Stork") narrows to both tip and shaft-end. Its shape promises fruitful creativity. Taking a Fink rollerball in one's hand for the first time, everybody will experience an unrivaled writing pleasure. The rotary capless refill system comes with a porcelain ball in the stainless steel tip, offering a uniquely soft and precise application of the ink. For refills in the sizes F(ine), M(edium) and B(old)
Rollerball Storch lang Amaranth
Rollerball Storch lang Bubinga
Rollerball Storch lang Buchsbaum
Rollerball Storch lang Eibe
Rollerball Storch lang Französische Olive
Rollerball Storch lang Goldregen
Rollerball Storch lang Grenadill
Rollerball Storch lang Grenadill mit Splint
Rollerball Storch lang Königsholz
Rollerball Storch lang Mooreiche
Rollerball Storch lang Perückenstrauch
Rollerball Storch lang Rosenholz
This is the exclusive pocket version of the model "Storch" ("Stork"). The rollerball is exceptionally handy and user friendly. It feels at ease with its place next to agenda and smartphone as a constant companion. The rotary capless refill system (size M(edium)) allows for an impeccably smooth ink flow in black or royal blue
Rollerball Storch kurz Amaranth
Rollerball Storch kurz Bubinga
Rollerball Storch kurz Buchsbaum
Rollerball Storch kurz Eibe
Rollerball Storch kurz Französische Olive
Rollerball Storch kurz Goldregen
Rollerball Storch kurz Grenadill
Rollerball Storch kurz Grenadill mit Splint
Rollerball Storch kurz Königsholz
Rollerball Storch kurz Mooreiche
Rollerball Storch kurz Perückenstrauch
Rollerball Storch kurz Rosenholz
Rollerball Storch kurz Wilde Olive

Stefan Fink's writing utensils are unique pieces and the presented showcase is exemplary. If you want to learn more about the availability of the presented models or if you are interested in one of the pieces to be made of another wood from Fink's stock, please get in touch for advice. On the phone, +49 40 247151, via E-Mail or in person in Stefan Fink's workshop.

Please note that Stefan Fink's writing utensils are one of a kind, differing in wood colours and figures. Prices vary for each model, from 400€ for a draft pen. Each writing utensil comes with a fulled leather case and a Stefan Fink ink flask.

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